Freedom from Deposits

Freedom from Deposits

Deposit-free renting is a new way to move home and spend money on the things you love.

Freedom from deposits

Deposit-free renting is a new way to move home and spend money on the things you love.

Moving home can be costly and providing the cash upfront isn’t easy - especially if it’s tied up in a previous deposit. A Zero Deposit™ Guarantee opens up a world of options and replaces your traditional security deposit. Break the deposit loop, move in quickly and save money upfront today!

Something to flex about

Enjoy the flexibility of making a choice that’s right for you. No need to worry about finding a traditional five-week security deposit. Just a low upfront payment that protects your Landlord and gives you the freedom to spend your money on the things you love.

Say YES to your dream home, whenever you find it

With no deposit to put together, you can act quickly when your perfect place pops up.

Zero Deposit. Greater peace of mind.

As there’s no deposit, there’s no stressing about how much (and when) you’ll get back after you move out. As long as you look after your home and pay your rent on time, you can move out with minimal hassle. Because we partner with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS), you get all the protection of a traditional deposit if there is a dispute. And FCA regulation means you have added protections if things do go wrong.

How it works

  1. You review your Zero Deposit Guarantee quote online, having been introduced to us by your letting agent
  2. You make an upfront payment, provide your Direct Debit details and then the paperwork is generated with copies sent to all parties
  3. Your landlord gets a guarantee for the same amount as a 6-week tenancy deposit and you remain liable for any damage or financial loss due to them
  4. At the end of the tenancy, the inventory and check-out are completed and if you leave the property in a satisfactory condition with no outstanding rent or bills, there is no further action required
  5. If there is any damage to the property or any unpaid rent, you will need to reimburse the landlord yourself. If you dispute the landlord’s claim, you and the landlord will be asked for evidence which will then be sent for expert evaluation
  6. If the expert finds it in the landlord’s favour, we settle the claim with your landlord and seek reimbursement from you directly. If you fail to reimburse us at this point, you may be liable for recovery costs and it could impact your credit history

Important Information

  • This Guarantee provides your landlord with protection if you do not pay them directly for the cost of any financial loss or damage due
  • You remain completely responsible for any financial loss or damage due to the landlord, as you would with a traditional tenancy deposit
  • For more information about the cost of the Zero Deposit Guarantee see
  • The cost of the Zero Deposit Guarantee is not returned to you at the end of your tenancy or offset against any claim by the landlord
  • If you dispute your landlord’s claim, and our expert evaluation partner finds in your landlord’s favour, we will settle with them and then seek reimbursement from you. Failure to pay us at this stage will result in us passing your debt to a debt collection agency which may incur further costs for you and could affect your credit rating
  • A Zero Deposit Guarantee is offered to you as a choice, so if you prefer to pay a security deposit, you can. With a traditional deposit, your money will be returned to you if there is no financial loss or damage due to the landlord at the end of the tenancy there is an annual admin fee per tenancy collected every year by Direct Debit from the first anniversary

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